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Michael Head



I was always interestedMichael D Head Profile in creative pursuits such as acting. In college I was in charge of a drama team for two years, and I came to thoroughly enjoy telling stories on stage.  It was always remarkable when a simple visual story told in an effective manner could move people in impactful ways.  Simple actions and sound can effectively create a huge variety of stories that can reveal truth, pull our heartstrings, scare us, and effect the hearts and minds of viewers in  a variety of ways.  Stage drama is effective, but when I started working in video, I came to realize the power and effectiveness of telling visual stories in the digital medium.

I started studying digital cinematography at Full Sail University, and as I grew as a film maker I not only developed my cinematography skills but also grew to appreciate the power of visual storytelling more and more. I have created event and corporate videos as well as award winning short films and films with premieres in Los Angeles.  I am a writer, director, and editor, but my primary focus is as a Director of Photography – painting with light is a remarkable way to influence the story told and understood.




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