Michael D Head Cinematography Reel 2016 from Michael Head on Vimeo.

Contact Information:

Michael D Head Video Resume


Michael D Head is a writer/director/DP/editor from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metromess.  He studied at Full Sail University and has experience in short narratives, corporate, and event videos.  He is the director of Road Not Taken Visuals, for all your visual needs.

MDHLogo2BW241Michael D. Head has been a filmmaker since 2010.  He has worked as a Writer, Director of Photography, Director, and Editor on event and corporate videos and narrative films for years.  He has won awards for his films and had  short films premiere in Los Angeles, the BareBones Film Festival, the Interurban Film Festival, and Rack Focus Film Festival.

He is not only hard working and dedicated but has led teams in a variety of situations and shooting scenarios.  If you need ideas or scripts, he has written a variety of formats and settings.  Editing and color correction can make the difference between the success and failure of a film, and Michael has extensive experience in the edit suite not only as a story editor but a sound editor and colorist.  He has experience in all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production to shooting to post production.

This page is where you can find out all aspects of Michael D Head’s filmmaking and visual skills.  You can see examples of past video work as well as photography.  You can see the projects that Michael is working on in his Blog as well as follow projects on his Work and share them to your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If you have questions or want information for a quote for an upcoming project, please feel free to visit our Contact page and leave your request.

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